May 28, 2020

Fear often prevents us from being who we can be and who we really want to be.

We suspect how we could be if we only dared. But that's so difficult. You have to change something, even take risks. It is easier to withdraw into frustration, because that is what we know and we don't have to dare or risk anything in that dark familiar space. We are good at making excuses and blaming others. It just doesn't help. The desire to achieve our very own goals gnaws at us and leaves us with nothing than self-pity and contempt.

Isn’t that true? Be honest, so am I. It’s the only way forward.

Do you know of any fears from this list?

​• the fear of being yourself?
• the fear of being rejected, laughed at, criticized, misunderstood or ignored?
• the fear of not being good enough?
• the fear of saying no?
​• the fear of not being able to meet the expectations of others?
​​• the fear of risking something?
​• the fear of drawing boundaries?
• the fear of trusting your creativity?
​​• the fear of not being qualified enough?
• the fear of saying your opinion?
​• the fear of showing courage?
• the fear of taking your dreams seriously?

​I know them all very well. They accompanied me for a long time. I still have some. But I was able to drop many. And that feels pretty good. Amazing what is possible if you don't believe your fears, don't listen to those warning voices in your head that want to hold you back. My fear is reality only as long as I believe it. As soon as I start doing what I am afraid of the fear disappears. Sounds weird? But it's true. I ​didn't believed it too, but this time I had no choice; I didn’t want to limit myself forever. So I dared to get into action, step by step. And, surprise, surprise, nothing bad happened. Just some dreams became true. I wished I had known that earlier.

So don’t let your fears hold you back any longer.   

I know, this is easier said than done. But maybe you can learn from my experience in tackling fear. Schedule a free online coaching session and let’s figure out how you can free yourself from your fear.  

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