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For 10 years, I've worked in management positions for international aid organizations in Africa, Asia, Pacific and Europe. 

Today I work as a career coach and use my experience, skills, and passion supporting colleagues to develop a successful, healthy, and sustainable career with impact.

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Olaf S.

WASH Manager

“Robert is a caring and relaxed guy with a sharp mind and dry sense of humor. He has the gift of listening to you, teasing out what is bothering you. With his vast professional experience, he is a reliable mentor and problem solver. You have issues? Robert will fix them with you!”

Janine W.

Project Assistant

"The coaching session with Robert allowed me to assign the underlying motives to the things that I want to achieve in my professional life and to clarify the values upon which I act throughout my current phase of transition. Robert really offered me to look at my situation from a different angle and as a result, I took the first step into my desired direction! I am quite positive that more shifts will be happening soon..."

Richard F.

Desk Officer

“I am very grateful to you for accompanying me in the past few months. Thank you for helping me get a new look at my job and especially for bringing out my strengths."

Princess G.

Junior Advisor

“It was a very helpful session with Robert Laude in defining a career path and being able to streamline my interest in MHPSS. Not only was he patient and asked the right questions, he sent materials and resources that I have found very helpful. I find him very competent as a career coach and look forward to future engagements."


Pantarei Practicioner, Fundraiser

“Luckily I got in contact with Robert via LinkedIn. After our first talk I already felt much more calm and self-confident with what I am doing, who I am and where I want to go. It felt much easier and more authentic to apply for a new job. After only one meeting with Robert I got invited for a job interview. After training with Robert to be prepared for the interview, I got the job! I am more than happy and grateful."

Jan T.

Project Manager 

"Robert knew what I was talking about. Thanks to Robert’s coaching, I have a positive outlook on the tasks and stressful weeks ahead. Sometimes it is enough to ask the right questions. And I noticed with Robert that he knows what worries I'm talking about.”

Helina N.


"The tips you shared with me, will definitely improve my chances of getting hired .”

Ryan H.

Aid Worker

"Robert has his ways of listening to you attentively and helping you sparking your passion for working in humanitarian aid again. It is really great to have a coach like him. I look forward to working with him to continue growing in this field."

Enjoy the latest tips & tools for a sane and successful career

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